Friday, July 7, 2017

Found art

Everyone's always talking about junk journals these days, I'm not a journaling person, and I'm not that interested in making them. I do collect things, though. Doesn't everyone?
A few years ago, I bought this journal at a garage sale for $1:
 I picked it up because it was cute, and I thought it would make a great gift.
I remember one night last year when I was tired of sorting and packing things, I gathered a pile of my found things, some washi and just started taping things into this. It was very soothing.
First page:
 This is a postcard with leafy washi, I added a ghost sticker to it.
Next spread:
 Left page: This is a postcard with some metallic striped washi around it. Right page: a drawing with green washi and a bird sticker.
Next spread
 Post card with gear washi. Bookmark with green washi, advertisement attached with double stick tape and some bug stickers.
Next spread:
 Bird bookmark with ruler washi, ruler bookmark with gear washi. Notecard with arrow washi, Cruella de Vil playing card on top with pink polka dot washi, I also traced over the flowers on the notecard with metallic gel pens.
 Picture of a sweater with leafy washi. All these pictures were on a bookmark but it was too long for the page, so I cut them up and attached them with this arrow washi, I also added the grumpy cat sticker.
 A couple drawings with green washi, I just noticed when I was taking the picture that there is a name in the bottom one. The clown was from my stash, as was the background paper and merry go round sticker, notecard with lines that I attached a frog rubon to with geometric washi.
 Minion tag with double sided tape, bug cutout with white washi, cardinal card with white washi, Despicable me sticker. Minion sticker, picture of a dog, polar bear and tiger cards with blue polka dot washi.
 Front of a card with a bulldozer sticker and black lace washi. Bus transfer slip and an event card I found in a book with steampunk washi and cardstock flower sticker.
 Green paper with a piece from a baby gift bag with green polka dot washi. Front of a card with metallic striped washi and spider sticker.
 Front of a notecard with ruler washi and a panda sticker. Two more notecards with pink striped washi and a caterpillar sticker.
 Two more notecards with steampunk washi and a magazine cutout. Another notecard with blue washi and a dog sticker.
 A thank you card, random card found in a book, piece of ephemera and a part of another bookmark with leafy washi. Front of a thank you card with black lace washi and business card.
 Front of a Christmas card with blue striped washi and another thank you card with pink polka dot washi. Business card with ruler washi and another business card with steampunk washi.
 Business card, random paper with fish sticker and a business card with gear washi and metallic striped washi. Thank you card, minion stickers, business cards with blue plaid washi.
 Front of a clock with gear washi, playing card with steampunk washi and an owl sticker. Front of a card with flower sticker and chef sticker.
 Piece of ephemera with polka dot washi, note from a RAOK with pink washi. Minion stickers and Hello Kitty foil from chocolates.
 Zootopia sticker, Frozen sticker, Winnie the Pooh sticker and minion sticker. Front of notecard with striped washi.
 Notecard with part of another notecard and pink striped washi, part of a recipe card with foam popsicle sticker and pink polka dot washi. Business card with gold striped washi, notecard with pink plaid paper tape, sheep card with blue/green washi.
 Coaster with button washi, part of an old pamphlet with black and green washi. Parts of the same pamphlet with green and black washi, inside of a picture with pink striped washi.
 Halloween postcard with black striped washi. Random paper pieces found in books with green polka dot washi and black washi and a hold slip from another library.
 Seed packet with pink polka dot washi, part of a recipe card with coffee washi and cupcake ribbon. Christmas tree bookmarks with flower paper tape and metallic striped washi.
 Part of a card with black striped washi and a journaling card with pink washi. Timree packaging with green polka dot washi, bookmark, part of recipe card with sprinkle washi, donut washi on top with cupcake washi on bottom.
At one point, I started putting samples of all my washi in the book.
 Elf bookmark with samples of washi. Paper found in returned book with more samples of washi.
 Date due slip with pink polka dot washi, date due receipt with blue washi and jack o lantern stickers. Note from a book with pink striped washi.
 Cell phone ad with samples of washi. Samples of washi.
 Stamped images. My grandmother's 1000th birthday announcement with pink and green polka dot washi.
 Thank you note with pink and purple washi. More washi tape samples with journaling card and bookmark.
 More washi samples with kids card. More washi tape samples with note from another library.
 More washi tape samples with packaging from tea and inspirational quote card. Promotional sticker and front of Christmas card with jewel sticker.
Quote ephemera with ticket.
This is the last page in the book. I didn't do this all at once, I might have done about 10 pages that night before I either got tired or ran out of stuff. I've been slowly adding to this throughout the past year, like I said, I find it very soothing. I also like adding to it every time I find something interesting. A lot of the items are found in books, some are things I've gotten.

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