Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Loaded mini envelopes

One of my facebook groups had a mini loaded envelope swap. I used Esther Luka's tutorial to make mine. I used a legal size envelope and basically closed it up and folded up the bottom to make the extra pocket.
This first one took on a love/Valentine's Day theme. I think it's because I started with the pink paper. I was excited to finally use these jar stickers I've had but never found a way to use. Instead of rolling down the edges, I cut the front into a V, mostly because I had stuff that kinda fell down and you couldn't see. I put some journaling cards, stickers, note paper, a tag, a pencil, a heart pic and probably a few other things in in.
Here's the back:
I used some of those Dollar Tree lace stickers on the back, the hearts on the top I got in a swap as well as the sticker in the middle. I just wanted something to put in the middle, some large thing that pulled it all together.
My next one was more of a travel theme:
I had gotten these travel notecards and envelopes at a garage sale. The inside of the envelope was covered in the background paper, so I covered the back, and part of the front with it. The pocket is covered in some paper from the Newsworthy paper pad from Hobby Lobby. I added the globe sticker (also from Hobby Lobby) to the front. I included stickers, sticky notes, washi, journaling cards, a paperclip, and probably more things to this one.
This is the back, the paper was already busy enough, so I just added this travel frame with a vintage photo in it.
Here's what I got back from my partners:
She used a tutorial that looked more like a loaded bag than an envelope to me. In lots of my groups, they use the terms interchangeably, but I like to make what the swap calls for.
Here are my goodies:
I stopped posting pictures of the goodies on my Facebook groups, because someone told me once she feels people think they need to keep up with all the goodies other people post. That makes sense, what I hate is when the sender decides to post what they sent me. This person commented about all the stuff they sent me, another one posted a picture of the back of their pocket letter. I love the feathers and the washi and the cards and the paper clips.
My second one:
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. It didn't look really like an envelope to me, but I could feel she put in her time and effort.
The goodies, I love how a lot of it is themed around blue and ballerinas.

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