Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fabulous Flip book

Another facebook group was having a flip book swap, there was no set theme. I went with bright colors and summer. I'm still having fun with the 4x6 size flip books.
Here's the front:
 I used a project life card that looked like water and added a jewel 'hello' sticker.
When you flip it up:
 Close-up of top card:
 These two cards are from a RAK someone sent me, I used these two martini glass paperclips to hold them closed.
When you flip them open:
 I just added some jewels with tape. That middle card is from the same RAK, and the background is a project life card.
Close-up of bottom card:
 The background is a floral project life card. I added some sticky notes I got at Target, I thought the colors went well with the flip book, I gave her 10 of each.
When you flip this one down:
 Close-up of middle card:
I didn't do much to this one, I just added a couple flowers.
Close-up of bottom card:
 The background is a project life card with hearts. I added the washi tape, which says 'hello sunshine' and some stamped bicycles at the bottom that I colored with gel pens. I also added a tag of washi with a binder clip.
When you flip that one down:
 Close-up of third card:
This project life card had a place to write on the end, so I covered that up with a pocket. I put some stickers and project life cards in it.
Close-up of last card:
I just added the arrow stickers at the bottom.
The back:
I added this envelope with my note in it.
I don't know about other people, but I have the hardest time getting my flip books to stay shut, I try to leave enough room when taping them, I also try to trim down the individual pages, but they always end up pretty bulky.
Here's what I received from my partner:
She made me an envelope flip book, here's the cover:
 The first flip:
 The second flip:
 The third flip:
 The back cover:
It's a nice fall theme

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