Monday, June 5, 2017

It's my birthday...soon

How cute is this tiny birthday card I made for my boss?
Basically it's layered paper and stickers, but she likes elephants, so I'm guessing she liked it.
I admit, I remember her birthday because it's exactly one month before mine. Hers is June 2nd, mine's July 2nd.

I've been wishing for week's on CraftyLori's Let the Wishing Begin videos for people to send me birthday cards, I think I've gotten less than 10 replies. That's still more than none. I got one today and put it away to look at later.
I would love if people sent me birthday cards, feel free to email me for my address if you want to send me something,

I was just thinking the other day, that I always get soo worked up for my birthday and then it comes and goes and nothing really exciting happens. Last year I wished for Happy Mail for my birthday and I got some cool stuff, go here, to see what I got. I also went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with a friend. My favorite birthday was the year my friends and I went to Adventureland, it's a somewhat small amusement park about an hour away. I'm not a huge ride fan, but hanging out with my friends at a place I rarely go to, made it great.
I've also gone to the Good Guys car show a few years, it's over the weekend closest to the 4th of July. I know most of you don't know, but I LOVE muscle cars. I remember one year, I had set up a ride along with the local police the night before and had gone to the car show the next day. That was a great year, I remember it being the first year I went, I found some random guy online (I know, not very safe, but I'm fine), I remember going in his older Jeep Wagoneer that didn't have any seatbelts. I remember taking my mom's camera cause I didn't have one. I remember walking around in flip flops for hours and it raining.
After that first year, it was still fun, but it wasn't my first time anymore. My ex took me a few times, I think the last time is just because it was easy and convenient.
I was my mother's birthday present the year I was born, so I always feel like I'm sharing her birthday (hers is July 3rd) and as you all know the 4th is just right around the corner, so I feel that kinda overshadows my birthday too.
I thought I'd *try* to save all my happy mail from now until my birthday and then open it all on my birthday. We'll see if I can do it, it's a ways away.

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