Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Birthday card

One of my supervisors' birthdays was this past Monday, so I made her an envelope flipbook card. I'm loving making these envelope flip books.
 This is the outside. I used a piece of blue cardstock as the background, and since you can't put the template on the paper straight to get it to fit on the paper, I had to cut out this piece because I specifically wanted it to say "Happy Birthday" on the outside.
Here's the inside:
I don't have close-ups. Basically I covered the inside with a paper that had presents all over it. I added her name in stickers to the top flap. The right flap has a circle I cut out of a journaling card, it says "start each day with a smile" I just brushed the edges with some purple ink. The bottom flap, I cut the piece out of a journaling card as well, it says "Blow out the candles", I edged it with brown ink. The left flap has another piece I cut out of a journaling card, it says "Part of cultivating a good life is determining one thing you can do today that will make it better than yesterday", I layered it on some pink paper. All the details on the flaps are stuck on with foam tape. The middle, I added some colored chevron paper with some banner stickers from Dollar Tree and some balloons I stamped in different colors, I also added some cupcake washi at the bottom. It's rather plain from what I normally, but since she doesn't craft, I didn't really know what to do with it. She was very touched by it.
I think it's funny that I love making cards for my co-workers, but my mother's birthday is on Monday, and I'm not really wanting to make a card for her. Mostly because I think she expects it. She thinks I have all this time on my hands and I should make her a card because I'm crafty.

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