Monday, June 12, 2017

RAK Challenge

One of my groups on facebook regularly sends out RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) as one of the requirements in the group. I signed up to do the RAK challenge for this month. I was sent a package in the mail that included a base for a journal, pages for the journal, some jute, a bunch of flat back pearls and a couple pieces of patterned paper. The challenge was to make a journal with the pieces provided and only 3 more things from our stash.
Here's the journal that I created.
The front:
 The background paper was given to me, as well as the circles of patterned paper, the jute, and the flat back pearls. I added the lace at the bottom, the medallion and used ink on the patterned paper.
I added the medallion to the front, used the larger patterned paper circle as it's middle. I inked the edges of the smaller circle and glued the jute around the outside of it. I wish I could have added more to the center of the circle as it just looks unfinished to me.
The back:
 The background paper was given to me as well as the green piece. I added the lace at the bottom and the medallion.
The inside:
The pages and the bird were given to me.
I started creating and then stopped to ask if I could add more than three of my own items, the answer was no and I was glad I stopped to ask because I had already added the lace and the medallion. I thought the medallions went great with the paper I was given. I really wanted to use the bird, but couldn't find a way to add it to the front, so I stuck it in the inside.
We were supposed to have the item done by the 19th, we send a picture (I sent three: the front, back, and inside) to the group owner, she puts them in a post and people vote on them. Later we send them out as RAKs to other people in the group.
I think this will be a fun group.

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