Thursday, June 8, 2017

Birthday Challenge

One of the channels I watch on youtube, Cat's Crafty Corner, had a birthday challenge for her May birthday. I planned to send her a card, but you know how time gets away from you? I did end up sending her a card and a gift, it just got there a little late.
Here's what I made for her:
 I thought this card turned out so cute.
I just put two pieces of paper on a blank card with a little washi in the middle to cover the seam. The girl image is from a swap as are the flowers. It's so cute and simple and I wish I could make another one.
I also sent her an altered mini composition book:
Remember this post? I had asked for three partners, but only got two. Since I bought a three-pack of the books, I went ahead and altered the third one as well.
I LOVE how this turned out. The background is from a garage sale, the flower paper on the edge is from my stash, the washi on the bottom is from Dollar Tree. The teacups are actually from a card that I bought for the teacups from Dollar Tree.
Again, I wish I had the materials to make another one of these.

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