Friday, May 26, 2017

Altered mini composition books

One of my facebook groups had an altered mini composition book, I found a pack of three at Dollar Tree a week or so ago, so I thought I'd sign up. My partners were way ahead of me and I got my composition books before I had even started theirs.
Here's what I made:
 The background paper is from a garage sale. I used a doily as the seam covering, it was a little short, so I put some washi underneath it, not that you can see it. I added this flower piece on some foam tape and some washi at the top. It's amazing how a little dimension changes everything.
The back:
 I added some pearl trim to the bottom.
I also created a card for her:
 I just took a project life card and added a sticker to it.
The second one, front:
 I had this paper in my stash and it had this cute little nest on it, so I used it. The flowers at the top are from Dollar Tree. The bird at the bottom is from Hobby Lobby. The washi on the side is from a swap.
The back:
 The bird piece is from a swap, the flowers at the bottom are from Dollar Tree.
And the card I created for this partner:
Again, I took a project life card and added stickers to it.

Here's what I got back:
 This one is quite a bit larger than mine, I'm wondering if my partner couldn't find the smaller size. The hostess said it was fine, but warned she would get something smaller back. She covered it in yellow sparkly foam, that's pretty cool.
The inside:
 She also decorated the inside with a pocket for me.
What I got from my other partner:
I thought it was kinda cool that we both choose doilies as a base, though hers is much more decorated than mine.

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