Monday, May 15, 2017

mini spring pocket letters

I signed up for a mini spring pocket letter swap through facebook, and decided to sign up for three partners. I used some purple paper I was sent in a swap for the background. I tried to incorporate washi in all of them, since I usually put it on the side.
Here's what I made:
 I think this one is my favorite. I put some washi on the bottom that I got from Peachy Cheap. The flowers are from a sticker book I got in a swap. The birds, rainbow and kite are from a sticker book from JoAnn's.
 This one I framed each card in the skinny washi I got at the Dollar Tree. The two snail stickers are from a swap. The flower stickers are from Dollar Tree as well as the flying bug.
This one I used some washi from JoAnn's and some skinny washi from Dollar Tree. I used some purple Scotch washi with some more of the skinny washi to make the banner in the corner. On the first card, the raccoon is from an Easter egg from Walmart, the bee is from an Easter sticker sheet from Walmart. On the second card the bunny and flying heart are from Chicago, the toadstools are from my stash, the "Hello" is from Walmart. On the third card, the top sticker is from Amazon, the birds are from Dollar Tree and the bunny is from a swap.
Here's what I got from my partners:
 The goodies:
I love that strip of flower stickers.
Another partner:
She had is all wrapped up in this cute plastic envelope.
Here's the front:
 And the back:
 I love how she added pockets to the outside of the actual pocket letter.
And here's the goodies:
I bought that same game tablet to send out in my springy swaps.
And my third partner:

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