Sunday, May 7, 2017

Disney pocket letter

I signed up to do a Disney Princess pocket letter. I have bought way too much (and I thought I had more) stickers of Disney princesses lately, we all know I don't need more stickers and I don't do much with princesses, so I'm not sure why I bought them. I thought this was a good way to use them up.
 I originally started with a different background, but thought they blended in too much with the background. This background is grey and yellow diagonal stripes, it's from a baby paper pad from Hobby Lobby. I didn't have 9 separate princesses, so I went with eight and put a holographic sticker of Ariel, Sleeping Beauty (I don't know her name, actually had to stop and think who she was) and Rapunzel in the middle. These stickers are from the same sticker book from Dollar Tree. One of the requirements (I hate that there's requirements, as I was commenting on someone's YouTube video she said it would make it less fun for her, and it kinda does) was to use bling. So, once I got everyone situated I tried to put bling that matched their main color around them. Purple for Rapunzel, green pearls for Ariel, pink for Sleeping Beauty, blue for Jasmine, white pearls for the center square, red for Snow White, green for Tiana, blue pearls for Cinderella, and pink flowers for Belle (because I didn't have yellow or gold). I also framed them all with pink polka dot washi to bring in the pinky-ness of girly. I also added some lace (because when I think of princesses, I think of lace more than bling), blue at the top, white with pink trim (because I didn't have pink) and yellow on the bottom.
Another requirement was to have it double-sided, so here's the back:
I used stickers from a different sticker pack, which of course did not have all the same princesses as the other one. I originally didn't know what to do with the back, then Monday night on my way home I found a set of Disney Princess Go Fish playing cards, so I thought I should use them. Sadly, they also didn't have all the princesses, looking at the back now, I think I should have just gone with those for a more cohesive look. Anyway, I tried to do the backs with the same princesses as the front, I didn't have a double of Tiana, and had to use the cards for Snow White and Jasmine because they weren't in the other sticker pack. I backed them all with pink paper, that you can't really see with the playing cards. I also framed them with washi that kinda went with their colors. Pink for Sleeping Beauty, aqua for Ariel, silver for Rapunzel, red for Snow White, another pink for the middle, blue for Jasmine, yellow/gold for Belle, pink for Cinderella, and silver for Mulan. The top row is all holographic tape, the bottom row is glitter tape and the middle row is a mix of what I had left. I didn't want to repeat colors which is why Cinderella is pink. I wanted to do sparkly tape to go with the blingy look. I love how the back turned out (except that it doesn't flow/match very well).
I had the hardest time getting the cards into the pockets, probably because of the lace, but I also think they were cut a bit off, so I included my goodies in an extra bag, and of course I don't have a picture. This is probably the first time, I've done a double sided and didn't put goodies in the back so you could see the back side. I included a Disney playset that had cling stickers that I was going to use, until I realized they were cling stickers, a sticker sheet from one of the sticker books, bling, washi, and chocolate.
Here's what I got from my partner:
 and the back:
I love the princesses, they look like little girls, I don't know what they are exactly, they look like some kind of printable.
 And all the goodies:
I love that she included some extra princesses, Ariel is my favorite.

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