Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer flipbook

Another swap I signed up for was a summer flipbook. I had a base already started from last year when I picked up a summer themed scrapbooking kit at Hobby Lobby.
Here's what I created:
 The background papers are from that scrapbooking kit. On the cover I made a banner that spelled out 'It's summer' the banner is made from sticky note flags from Target. The letters are from Dollar Tree (I think). The ice cream truck is from that scrapbooking kit. The arrow I had in my stash.
When you flip it to the left:
Close up of left page:
 I made a pool with a paper from Hobby Lobby. The diver, flip flops on the right and the sentiment about flip flops are from the same scrapbooking kit. The flip flops on the left are from Walmart. Swimming pools and flip flops make me think of summer.
Close-up of right page:
 Ice cream makes me think of summer, too. I enjoy it year round but it tastes the best after doing something outside on a hot summer day. The letters are from Dollar Tree. The middle cone is from Dollar Tree. The blue cone on the left and the blue popsicle are felt stickers from Target. The tall cone on the left is from the scrapbooking kit. The red white and blue popsicles are from Target. The tiny cone and popsicle in the middle are buttons from a swap. The tall cone on the right is from a swap. The washi at the bottom is from a swap. The two cones in the middle right are from a card from Dollar Tree.
When you flip this page to the left:
 I stamped a bunch of bicycles on the bottom (Stamp from Hobby Lobby) and colored them in with bright colors. I added some washi (from a swap) to the top and just added some cut aparts (from the scrapbook kit) in a horizontal waterfall
When you close this page and flip the previous page to the right:
 Close-up of middle page:
 I'm really bad at adding goodies to flipbooks, I like the decorating part so much that I tend to just decorate and not add places for goodies. I tried really hard to remember to add goodies to this one. I made a pocket at the bottom with paper from the scrapbooking kit, the sticker is also from the scrapbooking kit. I added some watermelon washi (from Hobby Lobby) to the top.
Here's what I put in the pocket:
stickers and tags. The sticker on the left is from the scrapbooking kit, the large cone is from Dollar Tree, the stickers at the bottom are from Target. The first tag has washi on it, the top one from a swap, the next three are from Dollar Tree, the last one I got at a garage sale. The second tag I got in a swap.
Close-up of the right page:
 I used another paper to make a side pocket. This is what I included:
 Some papers from another paper pad from Hobby Lobby and another tag with washi. The top one is from a swap, the bottom two are from Hobby Lobby.
Here's the back:
 I added a pocket and put my note in it.
Here's what it looks like ready to be mailed:
 It's very full, so I used a bow I got in a swap to hold it closed. The two paperclips at the top I got in a swap.
Here's what I got from my partner:
 First flip
 Second flip
 Third flip
I'm not really sure what makes it a "summer" flip book though.

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