Saturday, May 6, 2017

May Day pocket letter

I signed up to create a May Day pocket letter for one of my facebook groups. Here's what I made:
We had to include at least one flower in some form, plus ribbon and something with glitter.
I had just gotten those new flower stickers in the mail from someone and wanted to use them in this. I wanted to put stickers that had the flowers in jars. I used one flower from each of the sticker sheets, but I only had about six, so I had to improvise with some stickers from my stash.
The background is just pink and white diagonal stripes. Like I said I used a flower sticker from each of those sticker sheets. The sticker sheets are actually 3D, but to make them last longer, I usually separate the layers, so I did that. I also had to improvise and use a basket full of flowers instead of a jar for one of the pockets. The top and bottom middle stickers are from Hobby Lobby, I was hesitant to use them, cause I really like those stickers, but I felt I could go back and get them in the future. The middle pocket also has a sticker from Hobby Lobby, I didn't have one last sticker of flowers in a jar, but this sticker goes well with the other two from Hobby Lobby. There is glitter on some of the stickers. My ribbon is on the bottom, it's a vintage green Sateen ribbon, I also added some paper flowers, some that are glittered to the ribbon. The side has some great flowery washi from Micheal's.
Here's what I received from my partner:
 And the goodies:
I love that die cut window, very cute.
I am a little disappointed though, we were supposed to have ribbon on our pocket letter and include a sample of ribbon as one of the goodies.

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