Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pink, gold and mint flip book

I signed up to make a pink, gold and mint flip book in one of my facebook groups. I wasn't going to sign up for it because I don't have a lot of items in those colors, until I remembered the Happy Day paper pad I picked up from JoAnn's, those are the main colors in it. I LOVE how it turned out, I wish I could have kept it and sent something else to my partner.
There was a couple sheets of cut aparts and some were 4x6, so I used those as the base along with some 4x6 journaling cards I got in a swap. I bound everything with regular scotch tape because washi just isn't doing well keeping things together lately, I've tried double-stick tape underneath, so I tried something different this time. I did use some minty washi to look like it was holding the pages together, it still kept coming up.
Here it is:
 This is one of the cut aparts, I didn't do anything to it.
When you flip it open:
 The back of the cover is some paper from the pad, the other page is another cut apart.
Left page close-up:
 This is another cut apart, I believe it was a 3x4. I made a hinge with scotch tape again, I was going to put some pink washi on top, but it would have covered the image.
When you flip this card to the left:
 This is some ephemera I bought at Michael's. It wasn't quite as big as the cut apart, so I laid down some gold washi first. I also added some pink flower punches and pink jewels to their centers.
On the right, I made a pocket with some paper I got in a swap, I colored in all the circles in gold.
What's in the pocket:
 These were from the paper pack. I added some pink paper to a couple of them and went over the words with a metallic green pen. I put gold eyelets at the top with pink twine, if I was thinking about it, I could have punched a circle out of mint paper and put it under the eyelets. On the tag on the right, I just outlined it with pink, green and gold gel pens.
The right side:
This cut apart had some lines for journaling, I couldn't figure out what to do with it. This piece is from that same ephemera pack as the green one above, it's more red than pink, but I think it looks great.
When you flip it to the right:
 Middle card:
 This cut apart also had some journaling lines. This little envelope I got in a swap, I added the gold washi to the edges and the paper piece to close it, the top flap just tucks underneath. I wanted to include the envelope but didn't know where to put it, until I noticed it just covered up the journaling spot.
The goodies inside:
 I made some handmade embellishments with my punches. The washi is mostly from my stash, the one on the top has pink, mint and gold stripes. The words are from Michael's.
 The right page:
 I just added some of the cut aparts in a waterfall, they are barely taped on, so my partner can take them off and use them.
When you flip this one up:
 When you flip this one up:
When you flip this card to the right:
 Third card:
 This piece is paper from the paper pad. I got the die cut heart from a swap and just added the 'beautiful' sticker.
When you flip it down:
The third card:
 This is a journaling card I got in a swap. I thought I'd put my currently here.
The bottom card:
This is actually the back of a card from Target, it's more of a rose gold instead of gold, but I thought it worked fine. I added some sticky notes I found in my stash. I also added some flower punchouts that I added gold centers to.
The right card:
 This is another cut apart, I didn't do anything to it.
I also sent along a bag of goodies, that were too 3D to add to the flip book:
 Pink, mint and gold paper clips, jewels and buttons.
Here's how I packaged it up:
 I wrapped it in some green tissue paper and added ribbon. I wanted to layer the ribbon and tie a bow, but I didn't have enough of each ribbon to do that. So, I just did it this way. I like how it turned out.
Here's what I got from my partner:
The front, I think it's funny that we used the same paper pad. As you can see, she used her papers more of a base and I basically used them as everything.
First flip:
 I can never do simple flip books, I always feel I have to create a scene or fill up the whole page.
Second flip:
 Here's the goodies:
 I like the clothespins at the top, they were clipped on the front of the flipbook. Two of th green tags and the gold tag were in the first pocket. The green tag with flamingos and the two die cuts were in the second pocket.
More goodies:
 These were tucked in the third pocket. Her note is on the back of the card on the bottom.
She also included a sheet of stickers in the packet.
I really think this is my favorite flip book I've done. I do have almost all the pieces to make myself another one, but I'm not going to. I love the simplicity of the one my partner sent me.

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