Sunday, May 28, 2017

Animal Paper clips

I love altering paperclips, it's very addicting. One of the swaps I signed up to do recently was an animal paper clip swap. Here's what I made:
 The owl, ladybug and bird are stickers from Dollar Tree. The dog is a button from Hobby Lobby. The whale is a sticker from Micheal's.
Here's what I made for my second partner:
She said she liked giraffes, cats, and dogs. The giraffe and cat are stickers from Dollar Tree. The dog is a sticker I got in a swap. All the ones on the bottom are buttons.
I had thought I had to make 6 for each partner and then realized it was only 5. So I sent my first partner the ones in the first picture, and my second partner the ones in the second picture minus the dog button.
Here's what I got in return:
I love them all. That white bunny at the top, when you flip him over, there's another bunny, but it's his butt.
And here's what I got from my other partner:
I LOVE that little tiny penguin, the other is pretty cute, too!.

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