Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mixed Media tag

One of the swaps I signed up for on facebook was a mixed media tag. We had to have three base layers, one could be paper, the others they wanted to be mixed media, like gesso, paint, texturing paste, and add 3 embellishments to it. I had a hard time with this. It seems the definition of mixed media has changed since I was in high school when I made a card out of handmade paper and embellished it and it was considered mixed media. See this post. The card is 2nd piece I wrote about.
Anyways, here's what I made:
The first layer of the background is a piece of dictionary paper on some cardstock. I added some kind of handmade paper to that, with some paint, and some puffy stuff that used to be paint (the gold) and some alcohol ink. Those were the background layers. The embellishments were the butterfly stickers. The two butterflies at the bottom are actually wood pieces that I wrapped in tissue paper. I painted some grass at the bottom and added some felt flowers. I also added some fibers for the tassel.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 Let me start out by saying I love it, but I also want to say I'm a little disappointed in the fact that she mostly used paper as her layers. There is some texture paste at the top (the white parts) and some lace and fibers. But after asking on the swap page, I expected something other than paper. I love the shabby chicness of it, and it fits my style perfectly (I'm trying to find a better way to display it so I can look at it constantly), I just feel it didn't follow the parameters of the swap.
Here's the back:
 She added her information in that pocket.
Here's the extra goodies she sent:
Check out my post on a Mother's Day tag, to see what she inspired me to make.

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