Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rainbow pocket letter

I signed up to do a rainbow pocket letter in one of my facebook groups. I originally wanted to do each pocket a color of the rainbow with the other two being pink and purple, but I ran out of time. I came up with this instead:
 The background is some rainbow paper I picked up at a garage sale. I just added a bunch of stickers to the plastic so my partner could reuse the rainbow paper if she wanted. I did cut out another rainbow and layer it with foam tape on the first card. The second card has jewel butterflies, the third card has hot air balloon stickers. For the second row, the first card has some layered butterflies, the second a pegasus, and the third some more butterflies. For the third row it's all butterflies.
Here's the back:
I try to add bits of what I've used on the front when I add goodies, so I sent some of the jeweled butterflies, the rainbow colored butterflies, some stickers from the pack the pegasus came from and a hot air balloon sticker. I also included some rainbow washi and a package of instant coffee.
Here's what I got in return:
 It's basically colored paper with goodies on top. To me that is not a pocket letter anyone can cut up paper and put it in a sleeve. The weren't even cut straight.
So, I fixed it:
I used the original paper sent to me and just embellished it. Basically, I did every pocket the same with a little variation in the pieces used. I layered a butterfly with some kind of bling as the body on a round piece. The bottom has a couple layers of banners with a stamped quote on them and then either butterflies or round pieces on the bottom. I had a few butterflies, I ended up just tracing one onto different paper.
I used a sticker for the circle, a traced butterfly on pink paper, some pink bling (kinda recreating those butterfly stickers from the Dollar Tree), with pink butterflies. For the orange, I used an egg toothpick topper for the round piece, a butterfly punch from a swap, some clear bling for the body and some orange round stickers. For the lilac one, again with an egg toothpick topper, this was a traced butterfly with clear bling and light purple jewels.
For the blue, a punch from a swap, a traced butterfly with blue bling and blue butterflies. This middle piece I kept, I just glued the die cut down. For the green, a punch from a swap, the butterfly is also from a swap with pearls for the body and green butterflies.
For the purple, another egg toothpick topper (actually the other side from the one I used on the lilac piece), the butterfly is from an envelope with pearls as the body and some purple rub on flowers from Target. For the red, a die cut from a swap, a butterfly from a swap with red bling for the body and red butterflies. For the yellow, a cupcake liner with a butterfly from a swap and pearls for the body and yellow butterflies.
I love how this turned out.

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