Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Under the sea flip book

I had to make an under the sea flip book. I used a lot of blue chevron paper for the background plus a couple other underwater looking papers.
The cover:
 I had gotten this mermaid suncatcher kit at Dollar Tree awhile back for the paints, I used the suggested coloring chart for another mermaid project and finally got this painted with acrylic paint for this project. You can't tell, but the tail is kinda shimmery.
 left page:
  I used the wavy silver washi throughout the book to simulate waves. I added some goodies to a tiny pocket on this page. The envelope is from Hobby Lobby, I put a few underwater stickers on it and made a paper clip to keep it closed.
Here is the page without the goodies:
I decided to just use a bunch of shark stickers. They are mostly from Dollar Tree, the one with the heart is from Valentine's Day at Target.
Right page:
 I added some sand dollar paper from a swap and some stickers. They are all from Dollar Tree. I added another envelope of goodies to it.
middle page:
 The top flips up. I added some acrylic shells from a swap. The fish on the side are from Dollar Tree, the whale is from Michael's.
Right page:
 I made a pocket at the bottom and added some crab stickers to it. The blue one is from a garage sale, the other two from Dollar Tree. I stamped out two images of a stamp set I have from Stampin Up, it has some fish, a crab, a star fish a jelly fish and a seahorse.
 Middle page:
 I added some foam seaweed and foam stickers to the bottom, they are from a garage sale. The sticker at the top I got in a subscription box. The shaker pocket has gold star sequins, blue sequins, star sequins, and a couple sea themed buttons. The banner at the side is a bunch of sticky notes from Target.
 I used some blue green alphas to spell out just keep swimming and added a bunch of sea creature stickers.
The back:
I just framed it in this washi and added a handmade by me.
Here's what I got from my partner:

It's very flat. I kinda wish she had added more decoration/dimension. I wish I could do flat, I tried really hard for this one, but as you can see, hers only has 3 pages with one pocket, and is only decorated with die cuts.

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