Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer flip book

I signed up to do a summer flip book through one of my facebook groups. The cover:
 I used a yellow background and added the front of a Tim Ree card I got in a swap.
I used a lot of brightly colored patterned paper for the backgrounds, I adhered them all together with the clear scotch tape and put green washi over the seams. I've found scotch tape and stronger tapes work much better at holding flip books together than washi tape. When I folded it all up, the edges were uneven and after trimming them, they looked pretty bad, so I added some washi tape with cute sayings on them to cover it up.
 Close-up of left page:
 I went with an ice cream theme. The two big ones are sticky notes from TJ Maxx, the two cones on the left are from a summer paper kit I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The popsicles in the middle as well as the saying are from Target. The popsicles on the right are puffy stickers from last year's Target dollar spot.
Right page:
 I gave her a lot of sticky notes (you'll see more later), I got all of these in swaps. The top is a cloud, flip flops and then a set of page flags.
 Middle page:
 I used a scene on a 12x12 paper from Hobby Lobby. I got the grill kit from a swap, the swimsuit is from that same summer paper pack.
Right page:
 I kinda went with a picnic theme. The paper made me think of a tablecloth. The small food stickers are from Target. The ants are from Walmart. The bee is from Hobby Lobby. The orange is from a folder in my stash. The taco is a sticky note.
 Third page:
 These flowers are from the spring collection this year from Hobby Lobby. The washi at the bottom is from JoAnn's.
Right page:
 I just added a pocket with some goodies. I spelled out life is better in flip flops on the pocket.
Goodies in the pocket:
 The washi was some I thought said summer and what I used throughout the flip book.
The sticky notes are what I used. I made some paper clips out of that folder from my stash.
Here's what I got from my partner,
The front:
 The first flip:
 Second flip:
 Third flip:
 Very simple, but cute.

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