Friday, August 4, 2017

mini fairy pocket letter

I signed up to do a mini fairy pocket letter in one of my groups. Sadly, I found I didn't have any fairy stickers or stamps, so I made my own fairies:
This is the front. I took some of my foam people I bought at Goodwill and put them on butterfly wings. I really like how they turned out. The butterfly wings are all from Dollar Tree
Here's the back:
 I added a cat fairy sticker to the first card and continued making my own for the rest of the cards. The butterflies are all from Dollar Tree.
While looking for fairy stickers at Hobby Lobby earlier this week, I found this great fairy house:
 I really wanted to buy it.
I received my return pocket letter on Friday:
 I love it. The side has a bunch of fibers on it, she used some die cuts and very cute fairy stickers.
The back:
 she used some washi on the bottom with mushroom stickers on the first card, and a cute colored fairy picture on the last one.
Here's the goodies:
She included some more of the fibers, a lot of Tinkerbell and friends fairies, another colored picture, etc.

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