Sunday, April 9, 2017

Scavenger Hunt

One of my facebook groups did a scavenger hunt game. We each picked a level: easy, medium or hard, and the hostess emailed us a list of seven things to find, we had to use at least four on an ATC or tag. I picked medium, my list was:
1. Animal paw print
2. card from a board game
3. orange ticket
4. something related to super heroes
5. music sheet
6. tiny shoe
7. token

I found mostly everything in my stash, which goes to tell you I have way too much stuff. The paw print was scrapbook paper, I had just bought a selection of cards from and there were several board game cards in it, I knew I had an orange ticket but couldn't find it, I had a sticky note set I had picked up at Target that was themed around women super heroes, I knew I had this but took forever to find it I finally took it off an old card, I have tons of tiny toys but of course could not find a shoe I used some washi from a swap, I also know I have some of these somewhere but I couldn't tell you where.
Here's what I came up with:
I wanted to make a tag using only what I was given, I know I could have added other stuff, but I didn't.
The animal paw prints are on the side punched out, the "silver screen" is from a trivial pursuit card, Batwoman was a sticky note, the music sheet is the background, and I ran the washi with the shoe across the bottom.

I like how it turned out.

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Createology said...

Very clever tag you created. Well done!