Monday, April 24, 2017

Mermaid pocket letter

I signed up to do a mermaid pocket letter through one of my facebook groups. I originally planned to do a color copy of this:
I think it's 11x14 size canvas, but I'm not sure. I remember doing more to this, but I can't find the picture, I'm also not entirely sure where this piece is right now, so that didn't work out. I should have seen if I still had the mermaid picture on my computer. Oh well, I like what I did do:
I used a piece of blue vellum that I attached to a blue piece of cardstock because it was a tiny bit too small. I had this mermaid suncatcher that I picked up for the paints at the dollar tree. I never was going to use the suncatcher itself, this was the paper behind it with coloring suggestions. I basically cut her out and attached her to the paper and then cut it up to fit in the pocket. I put some gems over the drops on the image and some stars to cover the stars on the image. Then I just filled in with some stickers I had.
First row, first card: the jellyfish is from Dollar Tree, the sea turtle from my stash. Second card: the ray is from my stash, the yellow fish from Dollar Tree. Third card: the top fish from my stash  the other two from Dollar Tree. They were reward stickers that I cut off the words from.
Second row, second card: the fish is from my stash. Third card: the mermaid is from Dollar Tree, she had some giant googly eyes on her, I traded them out to a more proportional set.
Third row, first card: the seaweed is from Dollar Tree as is the crab. Second card: the fish is from Dollar Tree. Third card: the seaweed on the left is a piece of washi from Walmart, the jelly fish and seaweed on the right is from Dollar Tree. The jellyfish is also a reward sticker. I got this strip of paper in a swap.
I put some washi I got from a swap on the side and added some charms. The fish and dolphin are from a swap, the other beads are handmade from a swap.
Here's what I received from my partner: 
I love her use of die cuts. She also added actual sand to the bottom.

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