Sunday, April 23, 2017

Favorite Animal pocket letter

I signed up to do a favorite animal pocket letter through one of my facebook groups, I chose to have two partners.
I love animals, some I like more than others, I don't know if I have a favorite really. I was going to do whales, because I have a lot of whale stickers, and I was going to do owls because I have a lot of those, but I chose to do frogs as my other one. I do love frogs, I don't have a lot of frog crafting stuff, though.
I picked up quite a few whale stickers last time I was in Michael's (not the Chicago one), and I needed to use them. I also like underwater things, so I have a few underwater themed sticker sheets that have whales on them.
I chose this water looking paper from Hobby Lobby for the background. I used some water looking washi I got in a swap, for the side, I layered some flat back pearl trim I got in a swap on the front.
First row: the first sticker is actually jeweled epoxy?, from Michaels. The second card has puffy whales from Michaels. The third card has a stamped whale image, the stamp was from Michaels and a whale sticker also from Michaels. I put some whale ribbon I got in a swap at the bottom.
Second row: the beluga whale is actually from a Finding Dory sticker pack from Target, the blue whale was from my stash, the shiny whale is from Dollar Tree.
Third row: the sparkly whale I added a googly eye to, he's from Dollar Tree. The red whale is from Michaels, the third whale might be a whale shark, I don't know she's from Finding Dory as well. I added the "you're a real catch" sticker which is from a sticker pack from Target. I also added some whale ribbon from a swap at the bottom.
Here's the frogs:
I basically picked out all the frog stickers I had and stuck them on brightly colored paper from JoAnn's and put them on green paper. The green washi on the side is also from JoAnn's. I only had 8 different stickers, so I had to duplicate one. I added some word washi from Michaels to the bottom of each row. All the stickers are from my stash, I've had them for years and couldn't tell you where they came from.
First row: second card: sticker is from a swap, I actually took the lily pad he was sitting on off and turned him sideways so he would fit, the tiny thing on his foot is a fly and it's belly is a pom pom.
Second row, first card: this is actually a rub-on from my stash.
Third row, first card: I recently got this sticker from a swap.
I at first had them on some patterned paper, but since I was covering it up, I didn't see the point of using it, and switched to the green cardstock, which I like much better.
Here's what I got from my partners:
 I think it's kinda funny that she sent me an owl one, especially since I was thinking of doing owls for hers.
The goodies:
I love the owl magnetic bookmarks and the wooden pieces and that she used a brad to make a paper clip and the felt owl stickers.
Here's what I got from my other partner:

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