Monday, November 28, 2016

Flip book for a friend

A friend of mine has been having some rough days, so I made her a flip book to cheer her up:
 I chose some bright colored pieces from my Hello Baby 12x12 paper pack I got at Hobby Lobby. I attached the pages together with some cupcake washi. These animals on the front are from a folder that I got from BAM. I have no idea where I got the letters. It says "Sending you happy thoughts"
 When you flip this open:
Close-up of the left page:
 This background piece was sent to me in a swap. I added pink sequins and tiny bling to it so it wasn't so flat.
Close-up of right page:
The letters are sparkly. The remember is a sticker. I got the quote in a swap. I cut the hot air balloons out of another paper and affixed them with foam tape. There is gold foiled heart washi on the bottom and an arrow sticker.
When you flip this one to the right:
 close-ups of middle page:
 I made a waterfall of project life cards, using gold foiled diamond washi tape to hold them down.
 I added some pink glitter tape to cover up what I didn't like on the back with a cute sticker from a Finding Dory sticker book and some flat back pearls.
 This was from a cut apart someone sent me, it says "She our lives with sunshine and our hearts with love" I covered up the she with a sticker that said "you" and added some sun stickers to the corners.
 I should have flipped the dog sticker around, I also added stickers saying "You are loved"
 I also should have stamped the fish the other way.
 And I should have put something on the back of the top card. I wrote "don't forget" on the top of the bottom card.
Close-up of right page:
I had another project life card that said "Take a deep breath" and had a cup of coffee on it, but it was my last one, so I just spelled the quote out with alpha stickers, and put a coffee cup and a box of donuts underneath it. I also added the words "tomorrow will be kinder", that's from a song. I also added some monster washi to the bottom because "monsters make me smile :) "
The back just had a note attached to it.
I hope she liked it, I had a lot of fun making it for her. I also hope it helped brighten her day.

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