Friday, December 2, 2016

What I've been up to crafty-wise

Has anyone altering paperclips? I have had a blast doing them. Mostly just using buttons, but I'm going to start using other things, too.
 The first one is actually made with mummy stickers, front and back. The second one has a pilgrim girl on one side and a pilgrim guy on the other side. The third one has the same pumpkin on the front and back.
 I used two sparkly flower buttons for the first one. The second one is a button with a gold fleur de lis, the back has a plain button on it. The third is a Rudolph button with red felt on the back. The third is a snowman piece I found on my walk home with red felt on the back. On the second row, the first has some buttons and monster faces on them. The second one is a heart brad with a button on the back. The third is a flower button, there is a smaller flower button on the back. The last one is a faceted black button with another button on the back.
I signed up for a Christmas paper clip swap through one of my FB groups, so I will be making more.
I also had a RAK for one of my FB groups, I had a ton of fun wrapping the things I sent:
 That big blue one the left has some burlap leaves on it. The yellow one has ribbon with layered buttons. the third one has a strip of burlap ric rac and buttons. The fourth one has some ribbon with a turkey sticker. the fifth one is harder to see, it has a couple lizard stickers on top, and then I made a little banner embellishment with a pumpkin on the bottom. My favorite is that burlap belly band with the layered leaves. The last one is just a couple of pieces of paper layered.
I also signed up to do a holiday tag swap on FB.
I used dictionary paper and paper from a 12x12 all-occasions paper pack from Hobby Lobby for backgrounds.
 Here's some close-ups:
This one has paper for the background. I added gingerbread guy stickers from Dollar Tree and some puffy white paint to add some dimension. I used a foil washi on the bottom from Hobby Lobby.
This next one has plaid paper for the background. I'm trying to make rosettes, so I bought some cupcake papers at Dollar Tree. This is my first attempt with a felt owl from Hobby Lobby in the middle. I also added some Christmas tree washi from Target to the bottom.
I don't have many doilies, but I like using them. I used a wood grain paper for the background. I added half of a green doily, that I got in a swap,  and a little guy I got off of some tags from a magazine, I should have added some white paint to him too. I used plaid washi, from Target, that I cut in half at the bottom.
I used plaid paper for the background here, too. I found this piece of burlap in my stash and layered a felt bird ornament, from Hobby Lobby, on top of it. Here is the full width of that plaid washi I used on the tag above.
This one has the wood grain paper for the background. I put some teal colored 1 inch circles with wood veneer snowflakes, from Hobby Lobby, and bling, from my stash, on top. I put some blue glitter washi, from Dollar Tree, at the bottom.
This one has dictionary paper for the background. I cut these houses out of notecards, from Dollar Tree, and added some puffy white paint to look like snow. I also added some bling, from a swap, at the bottom.
This one has the dictionary paper background. I added a felt tree, from Hobby Lobby, and some Christmas tree washi, from Target, at the bottom.
I don't use a lot of color ink, but somehow I always end up running out of it around Christmas each year. I attempted to print a bunch of vintage looking Christmas images from my computer, and ran out of ink halfway through. So, I went back and printed them in grayscale, I ended up coloring this with my metallic pens, and added some bling for the ornaments. The washi at the bottom is cut in half and is from Target.
This one has the dictionary paper as background with a tree sticker, from Dollar Tree, and plaid washi from Target at the bottom.
I've seen trees made from strips of whatever you want, so I used my thinner washi from Hobby Lobby to make one. I added a metallic star sticker on the top. I should have added something for the trunk at the bottom, but couldn't find anything that looked right, so it looks like it's just floating. The plaid washi at the bottom is from Target.
This one has the dictionary paper background with a sticker I found in my stash and washi from Hobby Lobby on the bottom.
This one is another variation of the other snowflake one above. I used dictionary paper as the background with black 1 inch circles, more of the wood veneer snowflakes and bling. I put plaid washi at the bottom.

I did not get a picture of these with the string/twine in them. I honestly can't remember what I used, but I did add some.

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