Friday, December 16, 2016

Girly pocket bag - what I made

 Here's what I sent to Lisa for our pocket bag swap:
 I had this vision of just layering a bunch of lace on it. Of course when I got done, I realized I had kinda killed the bag, because I couldn't open the bag to full capacity. Oops. I feel like I'm kinda inundating her with lace, I will try not to use lace on the next thing I make her. The middle part you'll be able to see much better on the next photo. On top of the middle, I added pink velvet ribbon and a tiny piece of bling from some vintage jewelry. I also made that a pocket. I should have taken a picture of this without all the goodies. Aside from the doily peeking out, I'm not exactly sure how I decorated the top. On the way top of the bag, I put sparkly washi, which does not like to stick to itself, so I added some more lace to it.
Here's the back
I didn't do a lot of decoration to the back. I really wish I did more on the middle part, you can see a button that says Model Status on it. On top, I added a hello I fussy cut and some blingy flowers.
I tried to load it up with girly stuff I found in my stash.
I hope she likes it. I can't wait to see what we create next month.

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