Saturday, December 17, 2016

Crafty updates

Just some misc updates on what I've been doing craft wise. I got this tag in a RAK back before I moved, I want to say in July. Normally, I don't really color, I just don't like staying in the lines, but one day I sat down and colored it with my metallic pens:
 I also wrapped up gifts for my 12 Days of Christmas swap:

 I had a lot of fun decorating the outside of them.
A few years ago, I started this by cutting out a mitten from felt and then added a vintage dish towel to it. Last year (maybe?) I pinned the fabric to it, but never got around to sewing it down. Mostly because my mother said she was going to give me a sewing machine and then never did. As sheer and delicate as the fabric was, I was afraid hand sewing it, wouldn't catch the fabric right.
I found some metallic thread in my stash and sewed it together
 I don't know what else to do with it. It's about the size of an actual mitten.
I also signed up for a Christmas PL in one of my facebook groups. I had a hard time figuring out what to do for it. I do like how it turned out:
 I used some washi I got in a swap for the side. I just don't have a lot of Christmas washi and what I do have, I didn't think went with the rest of the pl. I used two papers from a 12x12 all seasons paper pad I picked up from Hobby Lobby for the backgrounds. One is a wood grained pattern with chevrons, the other is shades of red and green with Dec 25th in squares.
First row, the red square is actually part of a gift tag from Dollar Tree. Second card, I just fussy cut some reindeer from another paper pad. Third card is a sticker from Hobby Lobby.
Second Row: all the pieces are vintage clip art I printed off from my computer. The first and third were actually printed in grayscale (because I have run out of color ink) and I colored them with metallic pens. The second one was printed off last year, so it's in color.
Third Row: the first and third cards are some Santa stickers that I layered on red paper. The second card is Santa postage stamps layered on red paper.
I added an owl ornament to the side.
Here's the back:
The first space I put my letter in. The second I added some more of the reindeer I put on the front. The third is full of tags I picked up at Target.
Second Row: The first space has some more of that clip art, the second has some heart embellishments that were in my stash. The third has some puffy snowmen stickers.
Third Row: the first space has some clip art someone sent me, the second has some chocolate, the third has some stickers, stamps and a holiday eraser.

What's everyone else up to?

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Createology said...

Hi Wendy: I am enjoying seeing all your posts I have missed. You certainly do stay busy creating lots of wonderful gifties. I still love my pocket letter you swapped with me. I am not crafting much these days as our home is For Sale and we must make it look like no one lives here! Merry Christmas and Jingle Bell Joys...