Saturday, December 24, 2016

E.L.F. Winter Swap

I participated in Esther Luka's Winter swap and it was so much fun. My partner was Julie, here's what she sent me, first look:
 Everything out of the box:
 These were in the bag in the back:
 Tons of lace, some eyelash yarn and a bag of buttons
The other extras:
I'm still working on this bag of candy, it's very good.
And here's the handmade stuff:
This is a loaded envelope stuffed with goodies
Here are the goodies:
 some ornaments, a couple paper clips. I love the pom pom snowman.
More goodies:
 Some stickers, washi samples and a handmade card.
I love how she did the washi samples, it looks so cute, I'm not sure I'll want to take them off.
And the wands:
I love it when people make and send these to me. They are so fun. I've gotten a few lately. I haven't tried making one myself yet.
And here's the loaded envelope empty
It's also beautiful. I've seen people getting these in the mail and saying how they don't want to take them apart and ruin how gorgeous they are. I made sure to put everything back in the way I found it. Though I do think I should have a special place for all my wands just to keep them together.
Here's her pocket letter:
 How beautiful is that? She told me it was her first pocket letter.
Here's the back:
 And the goodies:
 Lots of bling in there, paper clips and snowflakes
And some other stuff she included:

She said she read I wanted doilies, now I have quite a selection. I love all the snowflakes she sent me. I've signed up for a challenge and am thinking of doing a snowy pocket letter, they will be perfect.

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