Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Esther Luka's Fall Swap

Here's what I sent to my partner, Chrissy for the swap. You had to send a pocket letter or a flip book. I was looking at other people's swap videos, and I feel like I'm the only one who created a flip book. I've been having so much fun doing flip books lately, that I kind of miss pocket letters, mostly the goodies because I tend to decorate my flip books more than put goodies in them. 
We decided to do a fall rather than a Halloween theme.
 I chose to use some burlap looking duct tape for the binding, but it still wouldn't stick in some places, I don't know why. I used a lot of fall paper from that big all seasons 12x12 paper pad I picked up at Hobby Lobby, I also used a couple pages from a Halloween paper pad that weren't solely Halloween.
The background here is just brown, I put a strip of paper that says fall on the bottom. I actually waited to finish this page last because of how bulky that sunflower is. It's glued on with hot glue and I should have put it further up, but you know how it is when you have the hot glue and it's getting cooler, it just goes where it falls.
When you open it up:
 a few close-ups:
 This is the left page, this strip was from my stash, but there's a very similar paper in the 6x6 Halloween paper pad I picked up from Hobby Lobby, it's a pocket. The ribbon was in my stash, I believe it's from JoAnn's, it's kind of a twill ribbon. I fussy cut an extra acorn and turkey out from the background paper and layered them so they popped out. I also layered a plastic apple button on top of an apple in the background. I did put some goodies in the pocket on the side.
 I had a hard time with this page, mostly cause I forgot it was there. I was so intent on doing the inside pages, that when I flipped it closed and noticed I had to finish this page, I found it very hard to get inspired. I just ended up finding some Project Life cards that were fallish. I attached them with a washi I thought was kinda fallish as well.
When you flip up the top card:
Looking at it now, it looks pretty plain and I probably should have put something on it.
 When you flip up this card:
 And when you flip up this card:
 I used a brown ink pad to distress it a little bit.
When you flip this page to the right:
 I added this paper to create a pocket. The background paper was pretty but a little too busy for me. This paper was from a notebook in my stash, I just trimmed the bottom and a bit off the sides because it was a tiny bit too big. The caramel apples are actually out of the fall page above, I fussy cut them out and added the ends of toothpicks and attached them with foam dots.
 I really love the background on this page. It was a 12x12 page I bought singly cause I love the pattern. I also had a hard time with this page. The boy and his mother are from a book. The turkey, corn and pie are felt stickers. I'm a little low on alpha stickers, so I just wrote "time to eat" with purple sharpie and outlined it with a gold pen. I also added "Yummy" in gold alphas.
When you flip the middle page down:
This paper just had words about fall on it. I added the journaling spot, it's actually a pocket page from Hobby Lobby. The alphas are from a sticker book from Walmart. Someone sent me the flowers, I believe they're from Micheal's. The ladybugs were in my stash. The pumpkins are from Darice sticker books except the one in the middle, that's from Hobby Lobby.
I did very little to this page. I just added the brown block at the bottom and added some vintage stickers from my stash.
Here are the handmade cards:
 We really only had to send one, but I made the Thanksgiving one, and thought it was kinda sad, so I made the other one, now I really like the Thanksgiving one.
Anyways, I'm not that great at cards. I just need to get one of those magazines that shows you how to layer paper to make really neat cards. If you look closely, you can see the layered paper on the Thanksgiving card is crooked, I'm not that great at straight lines either. I just layered some paper, a turkey sticker and spelled out "happy thanksgiving" in alphas. I always mess up the spacing when I spell things out.
The other one is a weird size, I had this pink polka dot paper on my desk so I folded it in half, added a couple of pink washi banners, a strip of washi tape from the Dollar Tree and a word sticker from Hobby Lobby.
This picture has my 5 samples of washi, 5 handmade embellishments, and 1 or 2 extras:
 I'm working on making embellishments, I thought these were cute. I don't have a lot of fallish washi, I thought these were the most fall I had in my stash. The sparkly orange at the top is from Target, all the ones on the card other than the brown one are from Dollar Tree. I'm not sure where the brown one is from.
I also included a caramel apple candle and some pumpkin ribbon.
Here are my paper sheets:
 I have a couple 6x6 paper pads, so I just gave her one of every sheet in both pads, they're kinda vintage looking. the 2nd and bottom rows are from the same pad, there's a vintage birdcage theme going on there. The top row is kinda like vintage/distressed notebook/ledger paper.
Here is my mug and stickers:
I also included this cute fox print I picked up from Target and some leaf doilies from TJ Maxx. The mug is red and filled with candy. I already had it wrapped up before I took the picture.

I really like what I sent to Chrissy, and I can't wait until Esther's next swap.
If you'd like to see what Chrissy sent to me, click here.

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