Saturday, October 29, 2016

Monthly Swap

Here is what I sent to Lisa.
I tried something new, I thought it'd be cool to make a flip book where the sides of the front opened, kinda like a door. Of course it didn't exactly line up when I got it all done, but that's the story of my life sometimes. I tried to use a lot of what I like on it.
 The die cut I got in one of my birthday gifts. The trim was in my stash. There are letter stickers at the bottom that say "Hello Lisa". I like putting the word Hello on the fronts of my flipbooks.
If you read my other blog, you know I love vintage lace, I also love die cuts even though I don't have a machine, people have sent me some, so that's what I use. The background paper is from Hobby Lobby.
Here's what it looks like when you open it:
 Those hot air balloons are from two different paper packs from Hobby Lobby. The camera ribbon is from JoAnn's. The flower stickers are from Dollar Tree, no idea where I got the quote sticker. The camera on the doily is from the front of an ArtC ephemera pack (I got that idea to cut up the pictures on packaging from Amy's Got a glue gun). The gold sticker is from Hobby Lobby and the donut stamp is from Target.
Some close-ups:
 The flower stickers are actually dimensional, but I separate the layers and use them. The bird one is from a different sheet and I just used the pot from the flower sheet. Don't we all just love this quote?
I loved the idea of fussy cutting the hot air balloons (I really like hot air balloons). I had a sticker that said "Life is an adventure", but it didn't really work, so I just stole the quote.
I really like how this 'doily' looked here. I also love sweets.
When you flip the middle down and the sides up:
More close-ups:
 I tried to glue a glass button on top of my banners, but it just wouldn't stay. I tried hot glue and then goop, but I don't know if it was the button or the tape. So, I just sent the button with the package. I saw this stamp in someone's haul video awhile back and wished I had it, only to find it when I was packing up. I believe someone sent it to me in a swap. It's great, I love owls and I love books, what could be better? I actually have a pair of earrings that almost looks like it, only my earrings have an open book below the owl. The flip flops are sticky notes, so I stuck a little stack on there.
 I love this little girl stamp, she was a little bit of a splurge when I went to Hobby Lobby one time, but she's just so cute. Also, I haven't been using a ton of stamps in my stuff lately, I need to start back up. I can't color her though, I suck at coloring. I also added a stamp of mini cupcakes.
I wanted to add my note on the above page, but when I went to fold it up, it was too bulky, so I had to move it. And it wouldn't stay closed.
 I added something to this top flap because it was way too plain, but I can't remember what it was. I had this project life card in my stash and just had to trim it down a tiny bit to get it to fit. I couldn't think of an answer for two of the blanks, so I left them alone.
Here's the middle:
 I used some vintage mother-of-pearl buttons for the side, cause I love vintage buttons (or just buttons). The glittery vine washi I picked up on clearance at Walmart a little while ago. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's very thin, and tears easily. It was hard to work with.
Flip the top card up:
 I used some of my sweet treat washi to stick these down, and some of my more favorite cards.
Flip this one up
 And flip the last one up
I really liked this heart, it's cut out of a bigger piece of paper, but I just wanted the heart.
Here's the back:
I never know what to do with my backs.

I love how it turned out and I hope she liked it too.

Next month (November) we're doing a girly loaded paper bag. I haven't done one with an actual paper bag, but I'm going to. We're also gonna have 3 altered paper clips in it. Now that I've started doing those it's so hard to stop.

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