Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wish Granted

Hi All,
A few weeks ago, I wished for cut aparts and Project Life cards on CraftyLori's wishing video. I had a really nice lady, fussycat grant my wishes. She sent me a huge envelope, and it was so gorgeous, I didn't know what exactly was in it, but when this comes in your mailbox, it can't be bad:
 Here's what was inside:
 I love this poppy tissue paper. I actually glued it on to some cardstock to make a flip book and some for a pocket letter. It's gorgeous.
 And inside those packages:
 A ton of cut aparts and project life cards. She was so generous.
And here are pictures of the individual packets, first the cut-aparts. Craft Smith Charleston Picnic:
MAMBI Sheets, not sure of the stack:
 I'm guessing there's at least two stacks, because a few are glittery and the rest seem to match the colorways.
The rest of the MAMBI stacks:
 Craft Smith Silver Foil:
 Those are actually silver foil, not black.
DCVW  Preppy Princess:
 I LOVE these, they are so cute!
Recollections "Sunlight Garden"
 I love the vintage images in this stack. The top back ones look like postcards.

Again with the vintage pictures
And the project life cards
Project Life Heidi Swap "Favorite Things":
 I love the florals in this collection, I'm not usually a fan of florals.
 Sorry about the horrible picture. I love the colors in this collection.
 Look at the cute banners.
 Project Life "Good Times"
 These are like chalkboard prints, they are all black with white writing on them. They actually look like someone photocopied them.
 I love the cupcake in this picture.
 And the floral in this one.
Project Life "Super Cute"
 This is my favorite, see the strawberries up there, there are so many 'super cute' designs, it's aptly named.

 Lastly, We R Memory Keepers "Hip Hip Hooray"
 As you can see, some of these are punched out.
And not only did she give me all these project life cards, she gave me doubles of every one. I love them all.

Thank you so much, Valerie.

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