Saturday, October 29, 2016

Monthly Swap

Another wish I granted through CraftyLori's video on Youtube was to do a monthly swap with Lisa. She suggested we do a get to know you flipbook for the first month. Here's what she sent me:
 I got it before work and couldn't wait to open it, so this pictures are from my work desk. The flip book is on top, she added an extra goodie bag for me.
This is the contents of the extra bag
 Some cute envelopes and a set of postage mark stamps.
On to the flip book:
 I love how hers has the whole mail theme going on. I also love these little girl stamps, they're wicked cute.
When you flip it up:
 I love the tiny envelopes in the mailbox.
Flipping the tag and the envelope:
 The mailbox also flips up and there are some wicked cute tiny postcard stamped images. The card on the top is her mail tag, I will answer her questions in November's swap.
That paper in the bottom pocket is actually sticky notes. I didn't take a picture of what's in the goody envelope (Bad Wendy), it's got a bunch of little file folders with punches in them.
When you flip the paper over:
 That paper is tiny notebook paper with the striped washi and hello stamped on them.
When you flip that over:
 When you flip this whole page down:
 There is a letter for me in the top.
Very cute. I love it. I couldn't stop looking at it and had to show my housemate it, it was so cool.

Thank you so much Lisa!

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