Sunday, May 22, 2011

Showing my art

Yesterday, I had some of my art pieces on display at the library. I don't have a picture of the whole table, but I do have pictures of parts of the table in succession.
This first one shows some embroidery pieces on the right, they are both in process. I think the dragon piece is done, but I don't know what to do with it. The bag still needs some decorative work done on it. Next you can see the ATCs I've kept for myself, the Outside of the Box challenge is propped up on a piece done with the Serendipity technique.
And moving right along to the left, there are more ATCs, on the top you can see a tile I decorated, 3 altered metal boxes, a framed tile made with UTEE, a frame that illustrates a William Wordsworth poem I did in high school. You can also see the bottle from the previous post and the fairy that will be in the next post.

And finishing up here, you can see a couple altered books (one done by my mother for a birthday), and the piece that won me the Hall of Fame fibers award at my senior art show in high school, a purple rosette to take to state at the county fair, and a blue ribbon at state fair (not that I'm bragging or anything). There's also business cards in the foreground. And in the background, you can see a tiny bit of a blue altered board book I was working on.

I'll see if I can find close-ups on some of these pieces in the coming days.

I showed all of this for 5 hours at the library, people could just come in and look at things as they pleased. I was part of a program called Celebrating Lifelong Creativity, along with a group that put together airplanes, a watercolor artist, a group that wrote pieces, a local senior services group, a knitting group and a paper cutting artist.

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Marydon said...

Wow! You are very creative, & such lovelies.

Have a beautiful day ~