Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My business cards

I also wanted to mention something else to do with the art walk, kinda. I figured I needed some business cards, and since Etsy was doing a special with, I looked at theirs. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the ending date and got my order in a day late, but I still think it was a good deal. At Moo, you can pick a size, not just business cards, add your own photos, pick a template for the back, add your own banner and information. I ordered 150 cards for around $75 dollars, with all the pluses of putting your own things on them, I decided it was a pretty good deal. Here's a couple of the ATC's I put on the cards:

I made this piece for an exhibit at the Ankeny Art Museum last year. There's a star mounted on a paper tag mounted on some melted Angelina fibers layered onto a piece of striped paper. I also affixed a Surprise embellishment on the bottom.

Keeper of the Key to Remembrance
I made this one for a collage group (the actual group I host and own on Yahoo!) In the background I have a piece of paper I bought, it kinda looks like wrinkled up paper. I added a piece of brown fabric on the corner and a domed sticker with the word remember on top of that. In the top corner, there's a picture of a Victorian baby (I got that out of a picture frame), around his/hers neck is a key charm on a cord. On the left side is a piece of gray and silver napkin, this piece of napkin is what I got to use for the collage swap.

I Got the Blues
This card was also for the same collage group, under a different owner. The theme of this swap was a scavenger hunt, I had to find something blue, music, and a postage stamp. The blue background paper is some kind of mesh glued to a heavier paper. I have a picture of a guy playing the big violin (don't quite know what that's called). There is a wooden heart with UTEE colored with blue and purple embossing powder in the corner of the picture. Underneath the picture is a blue postage stamp of a bi-plane with a piece of blue plastic layered on top of it.

Fun Flowers
This card was done for a white swap of the collage group, a swap that I ran. The items given were the lace in the background and the white flower in the middle. To make this card I first painted the background paper with a spray water-based ink. I attached the lace with flower and round brads. I glued a chipboard flower in the middle and layered a red punch flower on top of that with a yellow brad through the hole of the white flower bead provided.

Faces of the Past
This card has found pictures layered on top of peach paper that's on top of a yellowish mulberry weight paper layered on a foreign book page on a plaid orange background. In the upper right corner is a piece of red and orange plaid napkin.

Drive to the Stars
This card has metallic star stickers affixed onto a paper tag that I colored with green and blue ink. The tag is layered on top of a brownish paper background. The lower left corner is wrapped in a green fabric, the lower right corner is wrapped in a handmade paper. There is a found car picture in the upper right corner.

This card has a background that I painted with semi-metallic paint. There is a strip of butterfly/silver ribbon diagonally across the card. On the top right corner, the word "Dream" is affixed. Opposite that on the bottom right corner is a grouping of beads. There is a purple bow on the middle of the card.

Art is Therapy
This card is colored with green and blue ink, the same as the tag in the "Drive to the Stars" ATC above. I have layered a piece of blue and green squares paper in the middle of the card lengthwise. Across the bottom is a piece of green/blue plaid ribbon. In the middle of the card is the typed quote "Art is therapy" colored green. In the top right corner is a blue/green bead.

Ancient Book
This card has a cardstock background with a table image and a book image on the table. There is stamped words on the book.
I also added these images to three other cards: A CD piece, an altered tin, and a pin, all listed in my etsy shop.
On the back of my cards I have my banner from my store, name, title, my etsy store addy, and the addy for this blog. The background is green with the information printed in white. I think they look pretty cool. And I'm very excited about them. I've been pretty much showing them off since I got them.

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The guy is playing the bass. If I'm not mistaken, he is Jim Creeggan from the band Barenaked Ladies.