Wednesday, June 17, 2009

April Fun

In April, I stamped various images onto patterned paper. The images were ones that would be recognizable no matter which side of the paper you looked at.
Clockwise starting from lower left corner: I love the colors on this card, I used the heart image from my packet. I don't know if you can tell, but all the centers of the pink flowers are different colored brads and the flower in the bottom right corner is two layered sequins with a brad for a center, I used the purple iris from my packet. The colors in this one came out really nice as well. I used both suitcases from my packet. This one was so cute, the hat in the corner is 3D and stuck out from the page, I was trying to make it as girly as possible, there's a piece of lace on the right side, and pearls as a belt or trim on the dress, I used the dress form from my packet.
Clockwise starting at lower left corner: The envelope actually opens, so I stuck the "Olde Keys" tag that I received in a collage pack I bought inside it also the "W" piece is a domed sticker, I used the tag in corner and the "W" sticker. I wanted to make this a whole tag piece, so I looked through all my tags and created the piece, I think I might do a tag swap in the future, I used the tag mounted on orange paper from my packet. This was my favorite from the swap, I used a plastic blue cowboy hat, a pair of Ronald McDonald shoes I cut out of a playing card and a metal 3D revolver that was a pin on this card as well as the cowboy boots that were from my packet, I titled it Ronald McDonald's alter ego. I wanted to show the gorgeousness of the green in the ginkgo leaves and ironically, the mini calendar page I picked was April when trees have all their leaves and people start looking at them again, I used the ginkgo leaves from my packet.
Starting with top image: I wanted a really cheery piece for this one, so I used the dancing girl from a clip art book I had along with a leaf cut out of a piece of paper and three flowers in the corner from my packet. This one was supposed to kind of look like fish in the ocean, I used the stamped fish image from my packet.

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