Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Valentine's Day Swap

I joined in A Swap for All Season's February Swap. We had to create a Valentine's Day tag, and a card for our partner and send some red destash. Here's what I sent my partner:
It's red paper, layered with red mulberry paper, and a white mulberry paper heart. I added a Happy Valentine's Day to the heart

You can't really tell, but I put dictionary paper on the background, covered it in a red sheer fabricy paper, put a red patterned paper and a red fuzzy heart sticker on the top. The trim was white, but I colored it red with an ink pad. The fibers are some twine, a sheer ribbon and a metallic-y ribbon.
 I find it fun to make my tag in just the color we are assigned for each month. It gives me a little more of a challenge to see what I can come up.
I may have sent a bit more than a little bit of destash, I hope that doesn't count against me. There's some vintage valentines, some fabric, some lace, buttons, random doodads, and a vintage rose pin.

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

LOL I usually send a bit more too. Hey, it's just who we are !
Love that you do yours in all red, I'm not that creative.