Saturday, February 8, 2014


I decided to make some valentines for some of my friends, they became very simple and easy, but I like them. To get more out of my paper, I just cut a regular sized card in half, and then wrote on the backs of them. I kept wishing I had a heart punch, but then I was at the dollar store buying things for a swap and I notice a pack of foam hearts, problem solved.
On the top, I used patterened paper, some metallic purple, a piece of marbled paper (I've been saving this for the right thing, I think it looks pretty good), and a foam heart. On the bottom, I used a background piece from something else in my collection, a piece of pink cardstock, the same metallic paper as above and a foam heart.
 On the top, I used striped paper, a foam heart, and a leather heart. On the bottom, I wove two pieces of script paper together, added pink paper strips to frame it, pink jewels in the corners (I have no idea why they showed up green), red mulberry paper, and the middle of a heart doily.
 On the top, red striped paper, a scrap from the floor and a foam heart. On the bottom, some scroll paper, handmade purple paper, purple mulberry paper and a foam heart.
 On the top, hearts from packaging, white cardstock and red foam hearts. On the bottom, script paper from above, and the rest of the gold doily.
 I love the piece on the top, it's not done yet. It's a piece of burlap layered with canvas that I added red ink to and a heart cut from birch bark that I bought here. The bottom is red mulberry paper with a heart created from a pipe cleaner.
 The music paper was packaging from a swap, the red heart is a tag from a stuffed animal. The bottom is the rest of the packaging from the swap.
This is red cardstock, red mulberry paper and a piece of fabric.

I wanted to do some really elaborate pieces, but that's not how they turned out. I like how these turned out.

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