Thursday, January 16, 2014

Birthday card

One of my co-workers at my temporary job's birthday was yesterday. I felt out of the loop, there were all these birthday greetings all over the store for her. So, I felt the need to make her a card:
 It's just a bunch of layered paper mostly, the plaid colored one, is from a tag bundle that someone gave to me. I kept looking for something really elegant to put in it, I was thinking I needed a cake. I found this sticker on a sheet someone had given me, I love how nice and pretty the rest of the card looks and then you have this whimsy cake right in the middle.
I also decorated the envelope for her:
The rectangle is from the same set as the plaid above, all I did was add the letters.
Unfortunately, I found out this morning when I went to scan it, it's upside down on the envelope, the envelope opens at the bottom, I thought I had aligned it right. Oh, well, too late now.

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