Monday, December 12, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas...Sorta

My mom asked me to help her make a 12 Days of Christmas artwork for my grandmother. She decided all pieces would be 5"x7", that they would have to have fabric and some kind of sewing on them, and that we would make up the 12 days with things that went along with the song. After making the 1st day, and seeing my 2nd day, she decided she didn't have time. I didn't hear about this until I was halfway through day 4, and then I was just inspired to keep going.
So, here's day 2:
Two shining balls.

It's scrapbook paper for the background, the tree is made from green leather, and the balls are foil candy wrappers. They're kinda hard to see, but there's two sewn snowflakes by the top of the tree.

The next 4 pieces were all created by sewing my elements on to some decorative fabric, which was backed with some quilt batting. I then finished it off by adding something to hang it and using a vintage kitchen towel as the backing and then sewed around the edges. All the sewing is by hand.
4 vintage trims.
I love the two background pieces on this one, the bigger piece, wasn't quite big enough so I had to add the other one. The 3 white pieces I found at garage sales, the red and white one I got in a swap, read about it here. I found some ric rac to use as the hanger for this one.

Day 8:

8 butterflies a fluttering.

The three pewter colored butterflies are charms from necklaces, the silver one and one in a heart are buttons, the orange one is a piece of plastic, the pink/blue one is foam, and the last one is a pin. I used a piece of pink ribbon for the hanger.

Day 10:

10 flowers blooming.

The flowers, with the exception of the two white ones, are all from vintage hankies. The white ones are from vintage trim. I used a piece of vintage pink seam binding for the hanger.

Day 12:

12 buttons gleaming.

All the buttons are vintage mother of pearl buttons. The fabric is a satiny fabric, I don't know why it looks like that in the scan. I used a vintage beige seam binding for the hanger.

I was planning to do day 6 and then go back and do the odd days for myself, but I ran out of steam. Maybe some day.

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