Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paper Giveaway pictures

OK, as of now, only Susan wants all this paper. Which I'm sure is totally OK with her. But, here are some pictures of what you will win:
There's plain and patterned cardstock, lots of miscellaneous little pieces, a lot of this is from paper packs where I didn't like a certain pattern.
There's handmade paper, stamped images, paste paper, napkins.
A Butterick pattern, with only one piece missing, a printing of a digital file of art dolls, book pages, misc. promotional cards.
Promotional pieces from an art college, origami paper, calendar pages, some pieces of fabric, plus some sequins.
But, if no one else wants it all, I will gladly just send it all to Susan. Please tell your friends, pass the word.
Like I said before you have until April 5th to enter, then I will use the random number generator, or if there's only a small amount of entries, I'll just pull a name out of a hat. Anyone can enter, just leave a comment on this entry, or the orginal one to enter.
Good Luck!

1 comment:

Micki said...

Oh this is like Christmas...I love it all! Thanks so much for a really generous giveaway!