Thursday, June 16, 2011

Captured Dragon

I've been seeing these captured fairy bottles around lately, so I thought I'd make one myself, with a little twist.

I signed up for a True Colors swap, where we send our partner things in their favorite color. My partner's color was dark green, and she also liked dragons. So, I made a captured dragon bottle.

The dragon was originally a pendant, I cut off the loop at the top of his wings, and glued him to the lid of the bottle. I glued green rocks and crushed shells to the bottom. I added some gold plants to the background with some gems in front of them. Unfortunately after I glued the jar shut, some of the gems decided to come unglued, I hope she doesn't mind.

On the outside there is copper German foil on the bottom. On the top to cover the closure of the jar, I glued a ribbon, and some copper and green gems.

On the bottom, I glued dictionary pages (My new favorite decorating item), with the definition for dragon from a different dictionary. Sorry, the picture is so blurry, I couldn't get a good focused close-up.

Here's a close-up of the dragon. His wings go up to almost a point behind his head. He's holding a clear orb in his claws, and his tail goes down behind him.
I know it's not a great picture and you really can't see him that well.

I had so much fun making this. I will definitely be making more captured whatever bottles. I'm totally looking for tiny jar when I'm garage saleing. Hopefully, I'll add some to my etsy shop soon.

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