Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's On Your Workspace Wednesday

So, what's on my workspace today?

My cards for the Roy G Biv swap in one of my Yahoo! groups. Here is a complete picture of all of them, the colors are about right on in this picture. In the other pictures, they came out kinda dull, so if you want to see the actual colors refer back to this top picture.
Here's a close-up of Red: All the cards are 4x4 inches square, I started out with a piece of cardstock in each color. For red, I covered the background with some metallicky (new word) red paper flowers, then I layered a 3x3 inch square piece of mulberry paper and then a picture of Red Poppies off of a seed packet.
Here's a close-up of Orange. Once again, I started with an Orange square, then I added a 3x3 inch square piece of orange corrugated cardboard, then I layered a 2x4 inch piece of orange joss paper, and then added a fabric orange lizard on top, I finished it off with orange German scrap.
Here's a close-up of Yellow. I started with the yellow cardstock, then covered it with a piece of yellow flowered wrapping paper. I finished it off with a trio of flowers button in the upper right hand corner, and a "vacation" button in the lower left hand corner.
Here's a close-up of Green. I started out with the green 4x4 inche cardstock and layered a piece of green mulberry paper on it, then I added a blueish green swirl from a piece of paste paper. The "K" in the corner is foam, the stars are from some Christmas ribbon, and there's green German scrap for the edging.
Here's Blue: I started with the blue cardstock and layered a piece of 3x3 inch blue mulberry paper, and then added blue fabric butterflies and a blue butterfly rub on.
Here's Indigo:I started with a navy square, and added the indigo mulberry paper, and another square of indigo mulberry paper, then I colored the bluejay image in with colored pencils and glued it on top.
Here's Violet: I started with the violet square and added a 3x3 inch square of violet mulberry paper, and then the foam dolphin and foam witches hat. The spiderweb is sparkly, and the heart is a button.
A couple weeks ago, Chrissie said she wanted to see the desk I created my cards on, well here it is:
That's right, I create on my floor. I do have a table I set up to create on, but it's full of stuff (does that happen to anyone else?), so I end up on the floor. This week, I used the floor, the back of an artists' canvas and the back of a piece of cardboard to mod podge on. Someday, I'll have a house and an actual room and table to create in/on. But, for now, I have a closet that houses my supplies, and the floor to work on.

At least I've cleared out enough room to be able to shove the table back into the closet between creating times.

If you have no idea what WOYWW is, jump over to Julia's and check it out.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway, it's here.

Also, I will be sure to participate next week, as I have to make Fall cards for the Yahoo! group I host.


Lizzybobs said...

loving your floor space!!!! desk hun - Atcs are great thanks for sharing - lv Liz (24)

Katie said...

Hehe...I live in an apartment. The floor is often where I work too (or the coffee table). Love all of your work! #91 (forgot my number the first time)

Carola Bartz said...

Cool cards! And creating on the floor - wow! I do that, too, but only rarely, my knees don't like that. Sigh. Happy WOYWW - Carola, 92

Serendipity Stamping said...

Creative people can create anywhere. Great cards this week. Is it cooling off up there at all? Haven't talked to my girlfriend for awhile so no 1st hand Iowa weather reports.

Sue said...

Hi ya
fab selection of cards, your not on your own crafting on the floor,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue, x (3)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh great cards - lots of work and thought in them, I do love the colours all together like that. Do you kneel? How's the old blood pressure on standing? I sit on the floor to sort and choose my scrapbook stuff for a crop, but never kneel for more than a mo if I can help it!


I am getting too old to crawl around on the floor, but if I desperately wanted to create, I bet i could make my way there, but then someone would have to find me and pick me up. lol

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Sometimes I create on the floor too- I have a little chair just for that purpose! But sometimes even my floor is full of stuff! See you next WOYWW! Patsy from

Phree said...

Love you floorspace - hehe. Fab cards, the swap sounds like a fun one.

Susan Allan said...

I love all the layering that you do, takes time, but worth it!
Have a great weekend
Sue xx 8

Spyder said...

for a moment I thought they were inchies! they are lovely!Have a happy woyww
((Lyn)) #40

Anonymous said...

Great little pieces of work, I especially like the red lower one and the blue butterflies. You're not alone in crafting on the floor either!

Brenda (88)

Shirley Pumpkin said...

your work is cute.. I can't believe you make those sitting on the floor.. lol I think I would not be able to get back up.. lol
thanks for the WOYWW..

Shirley Pumpkin #129

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can't believe you craft on the floor. Helen does the same thing. I stand to craft. I move around too much to sit, either in a chair or on the floor. Love those ROY G BIV cards. They are awesome. I'm number 2 this week.

Ohhh Snap said...

Love the cards!

I've crafted on the floor, the only trouble is I've pinned myself in, surrounded by works in progress and then I get a cramp. But you can avoid that trap I'm thinking :D. TFS (75)

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Love your floorspace and the rainbow cards are gorgeous.

A.xx (38)

Kara Ward said...

Oh, this looks so fun!
Bring on the color.

I just love tone on tone colors.
You did an amazing job!