Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stuff I've been up to

So, lately I've been going to garage sales and looking to find some things for the Treasured Tin swap that I'm in.
I bought this tin at our local antique mall, and thought it would work great for the swap. Of course about a week or so ago I thought maye it was a little small, so I emailed the hostess and asked, and she said I could always include more things in my mailing box, so I did. Plus it was my swap partner, Wanda's, birthday on friday and I wanted to include some extra things for that.
So here's some of what I sent her. You can see the tin in the corner, there's a couple boxes of gum with some witty sayings on them for those days when she's had it with people. The bag is full of some bookmarks I bought at a garage sale this weekend, there's another smaller tin near the top filled with some frames (can't be too descriptive as I mailed this all off yesterday and I'm not sure if she'll read this), and there's a vintage piece of fabric on top. I will go into more detail when I've heard that she's received the package.
This is another sneak peek for her: some lace, buttons, books and other things.

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