Monday, June 21, 2010


Got a question for people who glue stuff. Now I use a few adhesives, my favorite is my Tombo double stick tape, but (as I have learned) you can't use that for everything. I've taken to using glue dots for ribbon and smaller things that my tape doesn't stick to. I also use my E6000 glue for 3D elements, anything that's too heavy for the glue dots. Every once in awhile, I'll use my UHU glue stick to glue on some small things, or old book pages that just come off onto my double-stick tape.
I've also been using some spray adhesive for larger areas, or for vellum, as I've decided I can see everything else through the vellum. Now, I use a pizza box to spray my adhesive in, because you know if you use the spray adhesive, it seems to get on EVERYTHING within in spraying distance. My question is (I do have one), what do you do to get it off your hands? I have been trying to use other adhesives instead of the spray lately because I haven't found a way NOT to get it on my hands when picking up the piece I just sprayed. And I haven't found a way to get it off my hands once it's on there. Since it never seems to dry, I just get more crap stuck to little parts of my hands and then within a few days it goes away (after numerous washing of my hands). I could wear gloves, but I like to get down and dirty when I'm creating, I love the ink stains I get on my hands (not so much my clothes, which happens quite a bit).

So, anyone have any suggestions? I can't be the only one who uses spray adhesive. How do you guys either avoid getting it on yourselves or get it off once it's on your hands?


The Paper Princess said...

Hi Wendy,

To be honest, adhering is the part of crafting I like the least - I have yet to find the perfect adhesive (and I have tried tons!) Nothing quite works just the way I want it too.

I used to have spray adhesive but I ended up tossing out the whole can - not because it didn't work (it did) - but between the fumes and the mess, I didn't feel safe using it. (Can you imagine one of the fur angels taking a dash thru the craft room at an inopportune moment?!)

I've tried a lot of different products with vellums and have found that some products work better with different vellums than others. Now I just try to use the minimum amount of tape or whatever adhesive I'm applying - or cover up the adhesive spots with strategically placed embellishments or paper - or attach it with brads or something similar.

The trickier thing is working with transparencies. For that, I either use brads and other attachable items, the "cover it up" trick, or (this works great) some type of "gloss epoxy glue" product - the names, of which, are all excaping my mind at the moment - but SU and CTMH and some of the other big companies make them - they dry clear and they can be used to turn items into epoxy like embellishments.


simplyiowa said...

Hi Kiddo!
Thanks for visiting my blog.... You are a very creative soul, I see!!! I love the vintage photo's... I have tons of them, and get easily sidetracked, when I get near them... They are such a wonderful window, to our past...
Take Care!
Barb C.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. Thanks to Karen we are meeting lots of new bloggers. Hope you will visit again. I love making new friends.
Hugs, Pat

Blue Creek Home said...

I usually try to get glue off with fingernail polish remover...the kind with acetone.

I use a deeper box to spray glue projects or go outdoors and lay down a big piece of cardboard. Sometimes I wear gloves, especially if my nails are newly polished.