Friday, July 17, 2009

It was like lightening

The June swap for my CollageATCs Yahoo! Group was Body Parts. I sent out a packet of stamped faces, bone buttons, googly eyes, stamped lips, magazine cutouts, diecut people, stamped dress forms, diecut hands and lips, a plaster face, a vellum dress form clip art, a heart, stamped footprints, and yarn.
On this first photo, starting in the bottom left hand corner, going clockwise, I used: a stamped face, that I cut out to fit the flower. The googly eyes, and the lips. The stamped face in the flower and the bone button. The die cut person.
On this photo, starting in the bottom left hand corner, I used: the stamped face and the handprint sticker. The stamped doll parts and the die cut lips. The plaster face in the flower and the footprints stamp. The man's face in the flower and the die cut hands.

On this photo, left to right, I used: the face on the flower, the face on the flower.
A few ladies in my group make multiple versions of about the same card. Since I don't send out 20 of the same item, they can't make the exact same card, but they are all very similar, I like that approach and tried to do that with the June cards, as you can see they all have the flower head, but that's about as far as I got.
I'm thinking about doing fabric cards sometime in the future. I know they will require a little more thought and planning, but I think people would be very intrigued in them.
July's swap is Glitter/Sparkly/Gemstones. I sent out an ATC sized piece of wallpaper with glittery crowns on it, a piece of silvery glittery flower paper, two sequin trims in silver and pink, six different ribbons: red metallic, blue metallic, pink sparkly, silver tinsel, purple and gold ribbon, and a piece of gold ribbon; gold beads, clear and black metallic beads, safety pins, yellow, light green, dark green, pink, purple, red, blue and clear gemstones, purple stones, mirrors, purple and pink metallic butterflies, red, white and blue sparkly stars in two sizes, brown, orange and green glitter glue painted on paper, a piece of blue sparkly paper, and two pieces of metallicy raffia in blue and orange that I got from my friend Loretta. I can't wait to see what people produce with those items.
Come back in about a month, and I will have my July's cards posted.

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