Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Black February

I'm sorry, I'm a little slow. These are my ATC's from February's swap. The swap color being black.
Starting with the one on the left, I used the black ribbon; the black seed beads, the button in the middle of the flower.
Left to right: I used the circle underneath the child's face, the star in the middle of the spider web.

Starting on the left, I used: the feather, fiber at the bottom of the card, the cowboy boots.
I also used a common background for these cards. The pictures don't show it as nice as they really are, but they're all slightly marbled.
I took an art class at a local artist's center here where we got to marble paper, print paper, paint on paper, use bleach on paper, make designs with rubber cement on paper and make a paste paper (that's where you put a paste substance on the paper and then use tools to take part of the paste off). It was pretty cool.

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