Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been meaning to do this for awhile...

I always planned on listing some of my favorites from Etsy, that was one of the plans when I started this blog. So, today, I'm doing a couple posts on some of my favorites:
These are in no particular order.
This is bearsbakedgoods' Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies. She has all these yummy looking goodies and I decided the cheesecake brownies were the best looking (as my tastes go), who can resist a brownie mixed with cheesecake, it's the best of both worlds.
I love these tags by packratdiva, these in particular are called Jungle Fever Gift Tags. She has so many different things in her shop, but I think of tags (because all my favorites from her are tags), I especially like the ones that are "dressed up", I think that adds a little extra charm, plus it's like paper dolls.

This gorgeous photo by janmoralesphoto, is called Pod. Very simple, I love how the blue seeds (?) just pop out of the green pod, but the pod itself doesn't blend into the background. It's beautiful. She has so many other exquisite photos from flowers to landscapes to animals. Go check her out.

And ending with another yummy looking dessert. These cupcakes look so moist and full flavor, I am in particular love with the Grown and Sexy Red Velvet Sundae Cupcake, but there are other great looking ones plus she has sundae cups that look intriguing as well. Check out DelectableDelights.
I don't have time at the moment, but check back later today or tomorrow for another post on some of my favorite items, or just check them out here.

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