Sunday, March 27, 2016

Star Wars altered tin

Hi All, I created another altered tin this past week, though this one is much less arty and way more just putting the elements together. I made it for a friend who likes Star Wars.
I started with a tin from The Hard Rock Café that housed a watch, because the Altoids tins were a little too small for all the elements I wanted to add. Here's the top of the tin:
 I covered the tin, inside and out with black tissue paper. The two circles on the top are actually buttons I bought at Hobby Lobby, I just happened to take out the pin backs. The "Star Wars" in the middle is actually part of the packaging from the stickers I used.
Inside top:
 These stickers are actually domed. It's hard to see in the picture, but that's why Han Solo has some glare. They are clear stickers that I picked up a few years ago at Walmart. I wanted them to stand out against the black tissue paper, so I put them on white cardstock and then cut them out and glued them to the tissue paper.
Inside bottom:
 On the left is an eraser of Kylo Ren (my friend informed me it's the new Darth Vader), a Darth Vader domed sticker, he's actually on a grey background and then some foam dots to stand out next to the other pieces, and a plastic Darth Vader. The eraser was in a puzzle pack from Target and the plastic Darth Vader was in an Easter pack from Target.

Bottom of tin:
Not a lot going on here, I just added the limited edition sticker and my information.

Like I said this isn't a very arty piece. I wanted to make one of my altered tins for a friend, but she's really into older computer/arcade games, Star Wars and some more geeky things. I wasn't sure she'd really like a more artsy tin. The only thing I had that was Star Wars were the domed stickers and then I couldn't find them, so almost didn't create this for her, when I was searching for something else, I found the stickers. At that time, I had already bought the pins, eraser and figurine that I was planning to give her anyway, so it worked out.

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Creating an altered tin for your friend is extra special when you customize it to match their tastes. Star Wars Bliss...