Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Linen and Lace

Hi All, I signed up for Kimberly's Linen and Lace ATC swap, and have finally finished my cards.
I have four done, but only because I decided I didn't really think the butterfly one goes with the others, so I had to make another one.
 Kimberly said it was up to me how I interpreted the theme, so I used a linen hanky for the background and then promptly covered it up, but the lace is promptly seen on all of them.
This is the one I created today:
 Like I said, linen hanky has background, on top of that I added a piece of wide vintage lace, some blue rhinestone flowers and some blue trim. I might go back and add a little blue coloring to the lace, I'm not sure. Compared to the other two, it's kinda dull (but only cause I'm not really a neutrals kinda gal).
These next three, I made at the same time:
 Again with the linen hanky background, on top of that is some (I have no idea what it actually is) green fiber (?) and then the edging of a green napkin, some lace I picked up at a garage sale and some tatting from an old shirt collar at the bottom.

Linen hanky background layered with some green fabric and then more green ribbon and some vintage buttons. I also added some lace to the bottom.
After making this last one, I decided I didn't like how it looked with the other two, and I'm gonna list it on Etsy.
There is a linen background, some brown/gold fabric, some very elegant looking trim and then the lace butterfly. The butterfly was originally white, so I colored it with some alcohol inks and then used some gold puff pant to accent some parts of it and tie it in with the other fabrics.

I'm thinking of wrapping them in a vintage hanky to send them on their way.

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Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Hi Wendy, I received your ATC with the buttons. Just love it! Such a fun swap to participate in. Sad that this is Kim's last swap, I know we will all miss them and her blog posts.