Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Here is my collection of buttons:
This table is about 4 feet long by 2 1/2 feet wide.

These are two color buttons

These are mostly shank buttons.

These are my purple buttons

These are my hearts and a few with anchors imprinted on the front.

These are white shell ones, and ones with printed words on them.

These are my metallic buttons.

These are the red ones.

These are brown ones, balloons, and some round ones.

Here are my white ones and some of my orange ones.

Here are my orange and some of my yellow ones.

Here's a better look at my yellow ones, and some more of my shank ones.

Here are my blue ones.

And my pink ones.

And my green ones.

Here's a better shot of the new/old ones I got a few weeks ago.

These are interesting, they're edges are cut sorta like gears.

The colors are a little off because these were taken at night on a dark table, they're mostly bright colors.

Any ideas on what I should do with my buttons?

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Sherry Edwards said...

What a lovely collection of buttons, I love buttons too!

If you're interested there is a button swap going on at the following blog


Apologies if you already know about it!

Thanks for following my blog, I'm also now following yours!