Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some art

Here's what I've done in artwork lately:
My collageatcs group did Vintage for December, and I had to use some of my new items laying around.
Starting at the top and going left to right: I used some 'packing tape' I bought at Micheal's for the background and then layered a piece of book on it and then the boy on the turkey from our package.
Next I took some patterned blue paper, colored the lady with chalk, glued her down. I also colored in a black strip on the edge and added the string of pearls. The pearl clusters in her hair are also something I bought at Micheal's. The string of pearls, and the lady were in the package.
On the next card, I layered a vintage dictionary page for a background, and then added the poufy wallpaper, which was in our package, I thought it looked a little dull, so I colored in some areas with black gel pen. The lady was also from the package and she's colored with chalks.
Starting on the bottom and going left to right: I used an old Bingo card for the background, rubbed some red distress ink from my supply swap on it, the beige card and the fish were in the package. The crown is also from my supply swap.
Lastly, the background wallpaper was in the package, I added a light blue paper and layered the Remember quote, which was also in the package.
I decopaged some tiny wooden bowls for a friend for Christmas, I've been reading on other blogs of people doing this and I decided to try it. I learned to use a thinner paper and use my hands a lot. They turned out pretty cute, and my friend loved them.
I'm still waiting on my stocking swap. I contacted the swap hostess and she was infuriated, and said she'd send me something, that was over 2 weeks ago.
I did sign up for a Valentine's Day swap, where you send things to each other. The hostess said she had the perfect person in mind for me and they would not flake out.


Donnie said...

You did a great job. They are just beautiful.

Serendipity Stamping said...

These look great! Sorry you had a bad experience with a swap. It happens, if someone gets delayed or decides not to do, etc. an e-mail should be sent to the person with a short explanation.

Joan Ervin said...

What wonderful works of art...each one is beautiful yet sooo unique...WOW!!!

Melisa Waldorf said...

Oh I just love these! What fun. I wish I had more time to create ATC's. I absolutely love how you put the pearls in her hair. I never would have thought of that.

fairyrocks said...

So lovely to meet you OWOH, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have you in the draw. Keep smiling and creating

Sunshineshelle said...

Never know where to start with this sort of thing, great results & thanks for the tips :)